Monday, 29 March 2010

The Fed's guide to Mixed, Use, Mixed Income, Mixed Modes (Transit Oriented Developments)

This site may be useful for cities looking for resources on transit-oriented development.  Mixed income TOD's are a good way to increase the transit utilization from new TOD projects as 1) new product is often more expensive than existing product in a neighborhood (just the way the market functions) and 2) lower income groups have a higher propensity to use transit (but can't afford to buy or rent in new TOD projects).

From the U.S. EPA:
HUD and FTA Sponsor Transit Oriented Development Guide; Upcoming Smart Growth Opportunities
The Mixed Income Transit-Oriented Development Action Guide is an online tool designed to help local jurisdictions and planners develop strategies to create mixed income transit oriented development (MITOD) around planned transit stations. This interactive site was developed by the Center for Transit Oriented Development in cooperation with the Federal Transit Administration and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
The Action Guide walks users through three critical data gathering and analysis components of plan development: Existing Conditions Analysis, MITOD Strategies Analysis, and MITOD Opportunities Analysis. These three areas of analysis are composed of questions—to be answered by the planner—that span several subjects: demographics, housing, real estate markets, land capacity, and neighborhood stability. Each question highlights key information that will be used to help local jurisdictions select and direct policy tools to achieve their MITOD goals.
The Action Guide is available at:

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