Thursday, 3 February 2011

California Office of Planning & Research offers SB 375 Flow Charts

The Governor's Office of Planning and Research is offering a preliminary flow chart that will help navigate a project's CEQA implications after a region updates its Regional Transportation Plan along with a Sustainable Communities Strategy or Alternative Planning Strategy.  As a reminder, regions around the state must demonstrate their ability to meet per capita transportation GHG targets when they next update their RTPs:

MPO                Expected Update
SANDAG            Oct. 2011
SACOG              Dec. 2011
SCAG                 May 2012
Tahoe RPA          Oct. 2012
Butte CAG           Dec. 2012
MTC                   April 2013
Santa Barbara      Aug. 2013

Regions which fail to receive's ARB approval for their GHG reduction strategies will sacrifice CEQA streamlining and exemptions that will reduce the monetary costs of transit oriented infill development.